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7 Spring Trends You Won’t See Me Wearing

February 27, 2018


SPRING. ALMOST but not quite. Still, a blue sky with no snow or drenching rain in sight gave me the necessary nudge to revisit the season’s fashion forecast. And, there’s plenty to look forward to – lots of shine (a French woman once told me that a little gleam close to the face is a must for grown-up girls), plaid jackets and coats, yummy pastel sweaters and boldly colored shirts and skirts.

On the other hand, there are also several touted trends you’ll never find me wearing unless I’ve suddenly fallen into a coma.  For example, I have to wonder why it’s worth spending money on a “deconstructed” shirt or an asymmetrical skirt better suited to a flamenco dancer than someone whose daily performance is going to work. Isn’t life complex enough without having to figure out how to put on your clothes in the morning?

In one of the more out-there ideas, Burberry made the case for translucent plastic trench coats, Chanel for clear vinyl capes and transparent booties. Instead of just a decorative accent, some designers went to extremes, making a whole outfit of fringe! Sunglasses shrank in size (how does that make sense?), while earrings grew to outsize proportions.

For these and more 2018 spring trends that I’m just going to say no to, take a look at our slide show.

—Janet Kelly


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3 thoughts on “7 Spring Trends You Won’t See Me Wearing

  1. Eliz Anderson says:

    Hooray for the Basic Wardrobe, aka Essential Classic Wardrobe and many other similar names. Yep, I need someone to help me pick the pieces, but not items that go out of fashion overnight! Still, it’s fun to see the goofy stuff “designers” think up.

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Agree, it’s fun to see the outrageous stuff!

  2. I am SO glad that I have outgrown the need to pay attention to what fashion designers try to tell us what to wear and how to dress!

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