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Trendlet: Sequins Galore

WHEN THE SUN sets at 5ish pm, it’s no surprise that it’s the season for sequins. But from the looks of spring 2018 runways from such megastar influencers as Marc Jacobs and Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, we’re going to be feeling the sparkle way past the last snowflake.

According to Victoria & Albert Museum curator Sonnet Stanfill in a recent story in The Guardian, sequins are historically noteworthy for distinguishing upper echelons of society for their ability to pay for expert craftsmanship. No matter the century, though, they’re proof of the very human to desire to dress up, says Stanfill.

And while we’re on the subject, one of my all-time favorite purchases was a pale pink light wool cardigan sprinkled with twinkling sequins. I bought it on sale in March and wore it season after season for at least a couple of years, until my sweater stone (or any tool) no longer could resolve the pilling problem. Friends took notice. One even remarked, “You look so cheerful.”  Wearing the sweater did make me happy. Given the dark days of winter ahead, perhaps some shiny clothing therapy is just what the doctor ordered.

—Janet Kelly


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