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I SPEND way too much time browsing fashion on the web. But last week while engaging in my favorite pastime, I found two similar jackets – one for $99, the other for $2,980. I immediately sent both photos to Little Birds Kathy and Nancy, my sparring partners for What’s in Her Closet?, asking if they could tell which was which. That conversation led to Nancy asking us if we had noticed how over the top one of those jackets was styled. (I think she may have referred to the look as the creation of someone who had been taking way too many hallucinatory substances.)

Still, her comment made us think about how stylists put together those enviable (or not) ensembles to be photographed to live on store and designer websites.

Fantasy fashion on the runway is a given, but trendy sites like Gucci and Burberry also go to extremes to showcase their merchandise off the runway. (Talk about extremes. See Gucci’s latest show where models carried replicas of their own heads. Ugh.)  As a recent Wall Street journal story noted, Gucci, which combines colors, patterns and periods, frequently in the same outfit, has scored big time with millennials. Burberry is fighting for that same large demographic. (BTW, we have no clue how women in their 20s afford Gucci, Burberry et al.)

In addition to looking at sites from buzzy designers featuring “young and adventurous” outfits, we were also inspired to look for sites that presented their wares in a more down-to-earth way.  Above are some photos of what we found and our thoughts about them.

Oh, and, as for those two jackets with prices exponentially apart, we hope the differences are in the craftsmanship and quality of material.

—Janet Kelly


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5 thoughts on “Style Matters

  1. Kathy Legg says:

    I think all these stylists could learn a lesson from Phantom Thread. Geez.

    1. janet bennett says:

      You didn’t like any of them??

  2. My sister and I traded texts on 3 of the fashion photos on the front of Saturday’s Washington Post Style section. Guess which goes with which. 1) Zorro 2)Playing in Mommy’s AND Daddy’s Closet 3) Colorblind. Always enjoy The Bird!

  3. I really hate all of these looks. How do they differ from my reaching into my closet blind-folded, and pulling out any 3 items, and wearing them together? I am sorry that our young women – and designers, for that matter – have totally lost the ability to see what looks good together. I am eternally glad that my mother taught me how to sew, and use a sewing machine, so that I can buy anything I want at a thrift or consignment shop, and re-design it to my own taste. Bah-humbug on all the rest of this!

    1. Eliz Anderson says:

      Here here, Michele! I too rely on sewing and knitting my own style, mainly because nothing off the rack (or designers) have the sleeves long enough, the shoulders narrow enough, etc. Let’s just say my body is as unique as the next person’s. Bet they don’t even teach home economics any more…another lost art. I think this weird mixy-unmatchy is the new “unique” for millennials.

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