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What We Want To Have: 12.09.2020


Keeping warm and cozy with plush, techy earmuffs, fleece-lined leggings, a trapper hat and an oversize bouclé scarf.


LEFT: Personally I prefer a cloche like this Australian Sheepskin Hat ($159, Overland) to a bucket hat. It sits more elegantly on the head. No fussy details, just a simple design with a 3-inch-wide brim and an internal plastic frame that provides structure. ABOVE RIGHT: The Apparis brand’s top seller is their faux fur jackets, which are available in colors such as bubblegum pink and army green. The label has expanded into other categories, for example, these Ariel Faux Fur Fingerless Gloves ($60, Bloomingdale’s) that wrap the hands in plush leopard from the wrist to above the knuckle. BELOW RIGHT: I like ear muffs instead of more hair-flattening wool beanies, so I’m tempted by this UGG Water Resistant Sheepskin with Bluetooth Tech Earmuff ($114.95, Zappos). And, if my head stays warm in snow and rain while plugged into music, what’s not to like? Consider it as a gift for yourself or for your exercise-obsessed friend who, like your mail carrier, walks in any weather.


LEFT: Generously sized without being heavy and unwieldy, Barbour’s Tartan Boucle Scarf ($75, Bloomingdale’s) can coddle your neck beneath your coat or jazz up the look of your black leggings and neutral turtleneck. Tassel lovers, take note. RIGHT: Several years ago, on a frigid day in New York City, MyLittleBird Managing Editor Nancy McKeon and I found ourselves unhappily hatless. I found warmth in my purchase of shearling earmuffs; Nancy, with a trapper hat, mainly for dog walking, similar to this Yukon Faux Fur-Lined Shell Trapper Hat (also available in khaki, $250, Moda Operandi). Encouraged by her neighbor who also has one, Nancy has recently begun wearing hers again, flaps down as shown above. For variety (not as much warmth), wear yours with the ties knotted above the head.


LEFT: You don’t have to ski to wear thermal long underwear. This winter when getting outside despite the chill is key to sanity, they’re a must-have. Two layers of soft jersey knit trap warm air in this Hot Chillys Bi-Ply Bottom ($36.95 Amazon) to keep you comfy and protected against the frigid air. CENTER: The Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit (50,000 BTU) Table from Amazon shown above is currently sold out, but a similar square model with a similar cost ($209.99) is available. A couple of weeks ago I sat around the former, masked and socially distant, with a few friends. Our host’s two varieties of homemade chili were delicious and so was the heat emanating from this attractive fire pit. One of us picked up a few of the glass stones and started rolling them around in his hands. Who knew that an outdoor fireplace could do double-duty as a hand warmer!  RIGHT: Want to work out outside, take long walks or bike ride? Stay warm with Baleaf’s Thermal High-Rise Brushed Fleece-Lined Contour Leggings ($29.99), says my knowledgeable cold-weather-sports-enthusiast friend. Made from polyester and spandex, they come in six other colors besides this gray-blue. Alternatively, another Pittsburgh pal notes, “An old-fashioned trick to stay warm that I used before fancier cold-weather gear became popular —nylon pantyhose or tights—are not bulky and still warm. A pair of wool socks or knee highs and I could hit the slopes (if I skied).”


LEFT: Uniqlo’s Heattech Turtleneck (a recent buy for $19.90) does keep me feeling toasty. The rub is that it rides up. Which is  why I’m thinking of trying Under Armour’s ColdGear® Authentic ½ Zip ($60), also stretchy and lightweight but doesn’t ride up—and dries quickly. Also, depending on level of activity, the ColdGear® collection offers different degrees of insulationRIGHT: Get that warm, fuzzy feeling from Mother’s Faux Fur Funnelneck Zip Jacket (reduced from $345 to $207, Saks Fifth Avenue). The red contrast trim, cropped length and neckline give this fleece its stylish look.

—Janet Kelly


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4 thoughts on “What We Want To Have: 12.09.2020

  1. Casey Miller says:

    Hello, Janet,

    This is Casey from Baleaf. Thank you for recommending us! We really appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Candy says:

    Totally agree about Baleaf leggings. I have several pairs and they’re great. Love the deep side pocket that can fit the latest iPhone.

  3. cynthia tilson says:

    Love these suggestions, Janet! Thanks for the shout out about our fire pit gathering…may I mention that wrapping your guests in Hudson Bay wool blankets will help keep your guests warm and lingering a bit longer!

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Yes, indeed, those blankets were deliciously cozy!

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