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A Little Dangle’ll Do Ya

NO ONE NOTICES what I’m wearing these days—except me. In fact, when I’m out walking in my neighborhood, hardly anyone even recognizes me beneath my mask. I wave at people I know, and they wave back, no doubt whispering under their breath, “Who was that?” It’s not that I believe my experience in feeling invisible is unique.

Last week, eagle-eyed Managing Editor Nancy McKeon alerted me to comments on a fashion post in the New York Times. One woman expressed how happy she was to be acknowledged by another human being who complimented her earrings. To which another woman responded, “Dangly earrings are my new lipstick.”

Whether earrings are made from a precious metal, a gemstone, a crystal or hammered metal, sparkle worn near the face brightens the eyes and whatever skin is exposed. Plus, who can deny that wearing earrings that swing from side to side as you move isn’t just plain fun.

Below we’ve chosen 12 pairs of dangly earrings (one single) with interesting shapes, vibrant colors and textures, plus ones that made us giggle. Some are on the splurge-y end of the spectrum; others are not.

—Janet Kelly

LEFT: Head designer Patricia Trujillo of 100-year-old label Cano employs local Colombian artisans to create bold designs like these matte, pleated brass Camino 24K gold-plated earrings ($265, Moda Operandi) with a mesmerizing spiral. RIGHT: We all need a laugh these days. So, make haste to grab these Bauble Bar Roboto Gold-Tone Simulated Pearl & Ball Chain Drop Earrings ($38, Bloomingdale’s) for a little laugh and no chance of a malfunction.



LEFT: Co-founder and designer Sophie Kahn of Aurate New York designs and manufactures most of the label’s pieces right in Manhattan, drawing inspiration from the city (for example, rings modeled after the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge). A riff on classic hoops, these Connection Earrings (a single is $110, a pair, $220) are made of interlinking gold-plated (recycled vermeil) loops that do faces favors by reflecting light. They also can be made to order in yellow, rose or white gold. CENTER: Even if single earrings are not your style, this unique 14K gold West Medusa Relic Earring ($450, Catbird) could change your mind. With her head of serpents and ability to turn anyone she looked at to stone, the mythological Medusa has become a symbol of protection, much like the evil eye. We’ll take it. RIGHT: New York City-based Stone and Strand launched in 2013 with a mission of combining affordability and well-designed, quality jewelry. The pieces in the brand’s Act collection, which includes these oh-so-dainty Gold-Filled Pink Flower Hook Earrings ($75), measure 5 percent of their total weight in gold—which means they should last.



LEFT: Foundry’s Tiered Oval Drop Earrings ($15, Lou Lou Boutiques) in hammered metal have the patina and look of a well-loved antique without the price tag. RIGHT: Deep pockets or not, you’ll be, er, charmed by Elizabeth Locke’s Blue Sapphire Earring Pendants (hoops not included, $2,275, Neiman Marcus). Inspired by the jewelry of the ancient Etruscans, Greeks and Romans, Locke designs neo-classical pieces in 19K hammered gold.


LEFT: Stand out from the crowd of masked faces with these arty Nectar Nectar Mother of Pearl Earrings ($158, Anthropologie) that unexpectedly mix the classic sphere of a pearl with sinuous curves. RIGHT: Even if you’re only the tiniest bit superstitious, spring for these Ito Spirit Eye Drop Hoop Earrings ($168, Anthropologie). Made with 14k gold-filled metal, freshwater pearls and mother of pearl, they’ll protect you from the dark side while zhuzhing up your appearance.


LEFT: A trio of high-shine links, Melia Large Rounded Paper Clip Earrings ($35, Shopbop), will add some light and levity to the conversation even among mostly masked faces. Limited availability.  RIGHT: A creative combo of 18K gold-plated brass, embroidery and seed beads adds up to adorable  Fish Drop Earrings ($198, Anthropologie).


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3 thoughts on “A Little Dangle’ll Do Ya

  1. Candy says:

    Nice selection, and appreciate the wide price range. Dangly earrings can sometimes be a pain with a mask, but I still wear them.
    Another site with local connections I regularly haunt:

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Thanks for telling us about that site. Will look!

  2. Carol says:

    I have an earring problem and there is no “earrings anonymous” to my knowledge …
    I have instructed my kids at my funeral to display all them, about 200 ( after they choose what they want) and sell them for donations for my favorite charity. fortunately they don’t take up much space like my sister’s shoe addiction also fortunately my daughter creates beautiful ones for me from beads and beautiful metals
    I’m glad you included LouLou as that store is a must stop for me situated between Anthropology and Talbots in Columbia Please be careful as masks pose a danger to dangling earrings.

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