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CAN WE ALL AGREE that Louise Gorsuch, wife of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, is a nice-looking woman? And can we agree that as the wife of a judge on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals she must have occasion to attend official functions?

Neil and Louise Gorsuch. / Photo by White House official photographer.

Then why, for heaven’s sake, did she wear a skirt and blouse to the official announcement of her husband’s nomination, an occasion filled with press photographers and TV cameras?

And not only a skirt and blouse but a white button-down shirt that made her look like an out-of-uniform high school cheerleader (hmm, maybe that’s not a bad goal for a 48-year-old woman).

“Doesn’t the wife of a judge in one of the most important courts in the country have something better in her closet?! ‘Tailored appropriate,’ that’s all we want!” That was from a semi-retired law professor walking his dog in the woods this morning.

Maybe she’ll do better if/when there’s an official swearing-in.

The upside of this? She still fits into that blouse and skirt, which obviously date from her high school years (okay, that’s probably not true). And in an administration with lotsa ex-wives, the Gorsuches have been together since Neil Gorsuch’s days at Oxford.

Hey, maybe that’s the difference: Louise Gorsuch is not a trophy wife, is the mother of the judge’s children and dresses like a normal American (even though she’s British-born).

Our advice: Just wear a tailored jacket over the blouse next time. And LittleBird Janet adds: If your husband is confirmed, you may want to step up your game for occasions when you’ll be bumping up against all those billionaire trophy wives.

—Nancy McKeon
LittleBird Nancy is managing editor of MyLittleBird. For more of her posts, search her name.

4 thoughts on “Dress Up!

  1. Nancy McKeon says:

    Another opinion, from MyLittleBird associate editor Mary Carpenter:

    The inimitable Gail Collins in the March 30 NYT gives me a great entrée to support MyLittleBird readers’ pushback in response to our post criticizing the attire of Louise Gorsuch, wife of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Referring to Melania Trump, Collins writes: “Presidential relatives who don’t mess in politics are off bounds”–and Melania is a lot closer to politics-messing than Louise Gorsuch. More important is the objection to any linking of women’s roles in the world–and, in particular, those directly or tangentially linked to politics–to fashion, in the belief that it’s insulting and sexist and just plain old to assume that what women are about AT ALL is looks and shopping.

  2. Eileen Johnston says:

    The skirt and blouse outfit was the first thing I noticed. I agree that it was not a good choice for the occasion.

  3. Kerry Armstrong says:

    Honestly, that’s your take away from that picture in these times? And the comment from the retired law professor says it all. Shame on you both!

    1. Capelluto-Schor Violette says:

      Désolé mais je ne connais pas du tout les politiques des USA !!!

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