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The Week That Was, 6.29.2024

June 29, 2024

A cool-looking linen shirt and matching shorts from Cos.


REMEMBER THE horror suggested by the term “matchy-matchy”? Well, LittleBird Janet Kelly showed last week how that old chestnut has sprouted some very fetching, and very easy-to-wear outfits. Yay!

Matchy-matchy can still be a bore when it’s the green-green of the garden after the spring explosion of tulips and daffodils is gone. In her Green Acre column, LittleBird Stephanie Cavanaugh came to the rescue. There’s still hope for color, she insisted: Think flowering annuals from the garden center that you can plop in the ground, also fleurs you can start from seed even at this late date, such as morning glories and moonflowers. Noted.

Nothing green about the great mango recipes that Kitchen Detail columnist Nancy Pollard shared with us. A daiquiri, a sorbet, a mousse, all with the mango flavor punched up. Sign us up.

That leaves the week’s Bs. Well-Being columnist Mary Carpenter provided an update on research into Bell’s palsy. And How Not to F*ck Up Your Face columnist Valerie Monroe counseled a potential Baby Botoxer, a 30-year-old woman who feared her unlined face didn’t measure up to the similarly unlined but Botoxed faces of her friends. Yikes.

There was plenty of reaction to the young Botoxers, so Val will be back in tomorrow’s email with more stories and advice. After that, it’s a short week: LittleBirds need a Fourth-Fifth of July break!

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