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Erin Go Green-ish

By Nancy McKeon

NO NEED TO go Full Kelly tomorrow (with apologies to LittleBird Janet). There are more flattering shades of green to be had, in everything from toasters to tunics (just ask Emma Stone, who wowed with an icy-pale green gown at the Oscars).

Here’s a weekend helping of the many things out there.

You know you’ve been meaning to get these: Barbour’s Wilton Wellingtons, $100 at They come in Olive (shown), also Navy and Black.

Celebrate your inner Boho with Sinna stemless wine glasses, shown in Guacamole (also available in Clear), 4 for $64 at Anthropologie.


Who says a toaster can’t be Pastel Green? Certainly not Smeg, which offers its 1950s retro-style two-slice and four-slice toasters in a host of colors, including Pastel Pink, Red, Matte Black, and a metallic Rose Gold. The two-slicers are $199.95 (shown) to $239.95 (metallic) at Nordstrom. (And a toaster is simply not the level of commitment that having a bright red retro Smeg refrigerator would be.)

For reusable (but not forever) table settings, these die-cut paper leaf placemats are neat, 12 to a package, $26.50 from Caspari.

I can’t wait for a gift-giving opportunity: This Palazzo Foil Metallic Wrapping Paper in green and gold will probably outshine the gift. It’s from Caspari. $10.99 per 6-foot roll.

Setting a spring table couldn’t be easier. Faye dessert plates come in mint green, also  lilac and peach (which features a sly snail sitting on a scallion). They’re $18 each at Anthropologie, so you can mix or match.

Olive Green is a luscious neutral in the hands of midcentury design master Gianfranco Frattini. His ginormous Marconi 4-seater sofa (105 inches long) in tufted velvet is $2,999 at There’s also a 3-seater Marconi (a mere 81½ inches) for $2,499.

Indoors or out, the 13-inch-tall tole Pagoda Lantern in Apple Green holds a tealight or pillar candle (the sides are glass so the flame won’t blow out). It also comes in Forest Green, Berry Red, and White With Gold Trim and is $158 from one of our favorite UK retailers, Mrs. Alice. Mrs. Alice also has 9-inch-tall Mini Lanterns, sold by the pair, in Midnight Blue, Berry Red, White With Gold Trim, and Forest Green, $95 to $103 for a pair.

A quick jolt of spring: this cheap and cheerful Mini Bumper Crossbody Tote, from A New Day, $25 at Target.

Depending on your commitment to green, Schumacher’s Woodland Leopard pillow in Emerald velvet might make it onto your Wish List. It’s $538.50 through Decorators Best.

Lip-plumping gloss is translucent but comes in many shades of daring (with names like Heat Sensor and Hazard and Violet Beta). This, of course, is Lime Green. $24 at MAC.

Spring personified, in a light green linen blend, the dress/tunic is $135 from Cos.
New from Jacquard Français, in linen, the Escapade tablecloth in Tropical Green. Depending on size, tablecloths start at $169. There are also runners, placemats and napkins. All at RH Ballard.
Okay, we just had to. Lucky Charms has a limited edition (thank goodness!) St. Patrick’s Day cereal. I guess that’s to be expected when your mascot is a freaking leprechaun. To its credit, the maker, General Mills, assures us that the cereal’s charm-shaped marshmallow-y pieces are also good for topping ice cream. Also, the green clover charms will turn the milk in your cereal bowl green. Um, okay, Sláinte!

4 thoughts on “Erin Go Green-ish

  1. Nancy G says:

    Not much of a Kelly green fan (also sorry, Janet), but I love these greens. The wine glasses caught my eye, too.

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      I’m more of a mint green person myself, despite the Kelly last name.

  2. Jane says:

    Ooooo, Nancy, I love the wine glasses. I suppose one would have to stick to white wine…

    1. Nancy McKeon says:

      I think they’re worth the sacrifice. But if you got the Clear version, red would thrive!

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