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Green Acre #463: I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia

Jennifer Reed of Jennifer Designs took the theme America in Bloom. Routings for a floral road trip is part of that, complete with a TripTik from Triple A. / Courtesy the Philadelphia Flower Show.

By Stephanie Cavanaugh

ONCE UPON a time I was invited to a costume party and a friend suggested I go as Little Bo Peep, all ruffles and pink, with a staff and stuffed lamb (or lamb chop). At this suggestion, another friend, a little more astute, about died in laughter. 

You’re the least Bo Peep person I can imagine, she said, or words to that effect. Quite rightly too.

I’m reminded of this total irrelevancy because they’ll be selling flower crowns at this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show, Gorgeous pieces of wearable art, they say. Not only at a stationary Bloom Bar, but from carts roving the vast convention-center floor. 

Detail of the installation by the Philadelphia area’s landscape-architecture practice Apiary Studio. / Courtesy the Philadelphia Flower Show.

You can also take part in flower-craft sessions, including Energetic Container Gardening Classes, led by designer Tu Bloom, the official botanical artist for the Grammy Awards. I don’t exactly know what this means, but it sounds like an exciting calorie burner.  

There will also be butterflies, kids’ activities, and Fido Friday, if your dog has a thing for gardens, besides peeing on the hydrangeas. And floral competitions, including window boxes, miniatures, and botanical jewelry. 

All this plus grand-scale gardenscapes by world-class designers and florists, though their number at this point, is a bit vague, and the focus somewhat woozy. This year’s theme, says a release, United by Flowers, will put the full power of flowers and gardens on display as our exhibitors interpret the theme in creative and inspiring ways.  

One would hope. 

No matter what, there will be flowers, and be assured it will be a breathtaking spectacle. It always is, with enormous displays covering the 11½-acre venue. Flower-filled vignettes with sometimes unlikely, if glorious, pairings of blossoms have been coaxed into perfect bloom for the event. Many months of effort go into the creations for this 195th show, the oldest and largest indoor flower show in the world. 

Of course, there will also be a gallery of vendors, more than 200 of them, offering everything from kitsch to beautiful and unique garden accessories and plants—including sticks that may or may not develop into a fragrant and exotic plumeria. Buy at your own risk. 

Go on a weekday, if you’re able; the crowds can be enormous, particularly difficult getting about for the wheelchair-bound and those with strollers (wear your children if you can). 

Philadelphia Flower Show, Philadelphia Convention Center, March 2 through March 10, 2024. Tickets (online or at the door) are $49.99 for adults, $35 for students (18 to 25 with valid ID), and $25 for children 5 to 17.

One thought on “Green Acre #463: I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia

  1. Maggie Hall says:

    I once went. And me, whose interest in gardens or growing flowers is pretty much zero, was totally blown away and captivated!

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