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Through the Racks: Zara, Massimo Dutti

Think feminine for fall with, from left to right, Zara’s fitted knit jacket, bow-tie blouse and whimsical cardigan.

By Janet Kelly

GREETINGS. We’re back with our second iteration of our occasional feature, Through the Racks. This week we take a deep dive into the chock-a-block closets of fashion chain Zara and its less trend-driven sibling Massimo Dutti, both owned by Spain-based behemoth Inditex. (By the way, just last week Meghan Markle—aka Duchess of Sussex—who regularly turns heads with her mix of high-end and mass-market brands, wore an ecru short denim jumpsuit from Zara under an oversize white blazer, along with spendy Saint Laurent sandals in black.)

Heading into fall, here are our picks among Zara’s and Massimo Dutti’s many must-have offerings, including cozy cardigans, cool jackets and oh-so shiny tops.

Zara’s washed gray denim jacket with metal studs looks roomy enough to layer over a hoodie or to extend the wearability of a spring/summer dress. It sells for $69.90.


For a svelte look day or night, this charcoal gray all-wool knit sweater, a cross between a cardigan and a jacket, elegantly nips in the waist for a flattering, fitted silhouette. Wear with a coordinating midi skirt—pencil or flare. It’s $109 at Zara.


I’m a fan of corduroy for fall, and what would feel cozier than this oversize fine-wale shirt in luscious forest green? Also available in sand and pink, it sells for $35.90 at Zara.


As sneakers have become an essential in our wardrobes, they’ve also gotten a lot pricier. When you’re hankering for a sleek sneaker and prefer not to pay $100-plus, Zara’s Athletic leather shoe comes in this turquoise hue, as well as orange, taupe and blue for $69.90.


Layer Zara’s chunky embroidered cardigan with fun fringe accents over T-shirts and/or turtlenecks, with jeans or skirts or anytime you’re in the mood for a pop of pink. It sells for $45.90.


I know it’s waay to early but thinking ahead a bit, a satiny wide-leg pant could go a long way in giving you options for what to wear for the holidays. Zara’s satin-effect pants sell for  $49.90, and the matching shirt is $45.90.


Another thought for November and December doings: Dress up your jeans or a pair of navy or black pants with Zara’s sparkly metallic knit vest. It sells for $49.90.


Holiday or not, this metallic knit cardigan ($47.90) from Zara is that versatile something that spans the seasons. It adds gleam to everyday jeans and will look terrific with white linen pants when warm weather rolls around again.


How sweet it is. Zara’s bow-collar shirt with pearl buttons down the front sells for $45.90. Wear it out to dinner under a blazer, peeking out from a V-neck sweater or just by its lonesome to show off those pretty sleeves.


Made from sheepskin leather, these khaki slim-fitting chino trousers from Massimo Dutti are appointed with two side pockets and a waistband with belt loops. Amortize the $449 price tag by wearing them on repeat.


Enough with the black. When winter comes, think of brightening it up with a slate blue, wool-blend trench-coat style ($449) from Massimo Dutti.


If you were smitten as I was by Prada’s gorgeous rosette appliqué skirts and the coordinating “origami” shoes on the label’s fall 2023 runway, here’s a great knockoff of the latter for $49.90 at Zara.


Camel-colored coats and jackets have made a comeback this fall. Not only will this smart-looking wool-blend jacket ($259) go divinely with all the black in your wardrobe, you can also pair it with Massimo Dutti’s midi skirt and mock turtleneck vest.


One could do worse than to channel Princess Diana, who made sailor necklines popular in the ‘80s. The nautical fashion dates back to the middle of the 19th century, but it still looks good today on this wool-and-cashmere blend cardigan from Massimo Dutti. It sells for $129 and also comes in a creamy white.


Made of a recycled acrylic, wool and alpaca blend, Massimo Dutti’s boucle knit cardi ($229) comes in this taupe hue as well as black, can morph from casual to dressed-up, depending on what you pair it with and your accessories. Besides, it’s a cozy option to wear on a cool day.



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5 thoughts on “Through the Racks: Zara, Massimo Dutti

  1. Nancy G says:

    I strolled through Zara on a rare Sunday home recently, and loved almost everything. The line for a fitting room was too long, though. I’m going back at an “off” time to really shop.

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Good! Let us know what gems you uncover!

  2. stephanie cavanaugh says:

    You got me at the studded denim jacket!

  3. Maureen says:

    I want them all! I am even willing to fly to Barcelona (home of Zara) to get them! Thx for a great story!!

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Love Zara and Massimo Dutti. Thanks, Maureen, glad you liked the story.

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