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ICYMI: Dr. T Shops CVS

By Anne Kisslinger

DR. TINA ALSTER is a whirlwind, running her dermatology practice, raising money for charity and, as we’ve mentioned before, showing us how to spend our skincare money well and even how to pack sensibly for a weekend trip.

But she wanted to share with us, and all her fans, the way to shop sensibly for skincare items in a regular drugstore. So MyLittleBird arranged with CVS headquarters to allow Dr. T full run of the makeup and skincare aisles of the Georgetown branch to show us how to shop.

Here’s the video she and her staff produced to help us find our way.

2 thoughts on “ICYMI: Dr. T Shops CVS

  1. Terri says:

    Excellent. Good to have the affordable (more or less ) alternatives.

  2. Val Monroe says:

    Dr. T! One of my favorites of all time! xo

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