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Twittering Time Away

June 2, 2022

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By Andrea Rouda

WEEKS AGO, when we all thought Elon Musk had bought Twitter and promised to make it a level playing field, I decided to sign up. I am already sorry.

Since signing on I have received three e-mails from Twitter. The first one welcomed me to the platform, the second one encouraged me to get busy tweeting, and the last one said, “Fill your time with talk.” It went on to describe how to find people to follow and what sorts of things I might say to them, just in case I am a babbling idiot.

I still don’t get what a hashtag is so I think my days on Twitter will be few. Also, I don’t want to fill my days with talk, I’d rather fill them with paint. Or maybe fettuccini, which I never eat because it is so high in calories.

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