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I Miss ‘Ted Lasso’

May 5, 2022



By Andrea Rouda

I’VE BEEN pretty depressed for the last few months and haven’t really known why. Yes, the murder of thousands of innocents and the destruction of beautiful old buildings and entire towns in Ukraine is definitely a downer. And then there’s Covid, still sort of hanging around, at least enough to make us pull out the mask, now a pitiful joke, whenever we enter an establishment that requires it. And people still getting sick and dying of Covid is a bummer.

But there have been other wars and other pandemics and I can’t remember feeling this grim about them. Then it hit me, today, when I caught a glimpse of him on the Internet: I miss Ted Lasso! He always made me laugh and feel good about the world just for his being in it. Then he was over and I was on my own again.

Even though he is fictional, and for all I know Jason Sudeikis is a real prick (although I doubt it because he named his daughter Daisy), still the character named Ted Lasso gave me hope that some people like him actually do exist, or else how did the writers dream him up?

I guess I’ll have to watch the whole series again until it comes back this November.

—Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid

One thought on “I Miss ‘Ted Lasso’

  1. Nancy G says:

    We’re all latching onto something. Aren’t we? No good news anymore.

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