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Why Would He Do That?

February 17, 2022



By Andrea Rouda

WHAT DO you do when your spouse is embarrassing? I ask because this situation crops up fairly often in my life. I mean, does his questionable behavior reflect poorly on me? More to the point, should it? After all, I’m not his mother. Or even a blood relative, so basically it has nothing to do with me.
What I’m referring to at the moment is my husband’s upcoming trip to northern Minnesota, planned for the middle of February when the temps are 4°-below on a regular basis. Unless they’re 3°-below.

Why would he go, you wonder. Well, to go ice-fishing. Which means, to sit on a frozen lake and dangle a fishing line into a hole in the ice, for hours on end. 

The draw is drinking beer, if you ask me, and plenty of it, along with some other guys who are around, all of them talking “man talk.”

Oh, did I mention he first has to drive two hours to an airport, then fly for 3½ hours, spend the night in a hotel, then drive five hours (across the frozen landscape) to get to the little hole in the ice?

See what I mean? It’s embarrassing. Especially since he doesn’t fish.

Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid

MLB friends, we’ll see you on the other side of  Presidents’ Day on Monday.

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