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What We Want to Have: 01.12.2022

January 6, 2022

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By Janet Kelly

POOR JANUARY. Following a festive, light-filled December, it doesn’t provide much for us to cheer about. To rub it in, the first month of 2022 blew in with a major, disruptive snowstorm for the mid-Atlantic and if that weren’t enough, within the same time frame, the U.S. broke its record for daily coronavirus cases. To be fair, the number rose dramatically in December, too, but the holidays were here … .

With many of us resigned to hibernating again, hoping to ride out yet another pandemic wave, I’ve been searching for some new household items to put a little joy in January.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with white towels, but these patterned ones from Dusen Dusen are a lot more fun to look at and will re-energize any bathroom. They come in three sizes and are sold as a set of five for $140. Also available individually, the 13-by-13-inch washcloth in the split pattern is $12. The 20-by-30-inch hand towel in a spiral or spin design is $25, and the 30-by-56-inch bath towel (in plaid or atom) is $50.




Despite Pantone’s predictions, some soothsayers are forecasting green to be one of the biggest home decor colors of 2022. Put a glow on it with this diminutive Table Lamp (it’s 10 inches high and weighs 4 pounds) in striped glass. A fresh look for any spot in your manse, it’s $89 from Urban Outfitters.


Target helps January decluttering efforts with the launch of its first storage and home organization collection—Brightroom. The Wire Pantry Basket ($12) in powder-coated steel with a crisp white finish corrals crackers, cookies and the like in a tidy container. The three-piece Canister Set ($20) keeps dry goods (cereal, rice) and baking ingredients in clear view, and twist-on lids with a secure seal keep out air and moisture.

Hand marbled in limited batches, swirly tapered candles are a whimsical addition to your decor. And should you choose to light them, each burns for about 11 hours. They’re available in blush, gray and eggplant in sets of four for $52 at Food52. You can also find them at Violet Rose ($28 for two) in three additional, amusingly named colors: Poolside, Maliblue Breeze and Some Like It Hot (not shown).



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3 thoughts on “What We Want to Have: 01.12.2022

  1. Nancy G says:

    Buying new sheets and towels is always an uplift to the spirits. Especially in January, when everything is just so slow, and cold, and dark. Color!!

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      I’ve been seeing some bedding and towels from this brand, Dusen Dusen, which looks new and fresh to me.

  2. Carol says:

    You got that right “poor January.” Always for me the looongest month. And it’s only just begun. We put away our cheery decorations and it’s too soon for Valentines Day decor. ❤️
    And hard to go anywhere with Covid surge . Since it’s 18 degrees here this morning, will try my lonely treadmill for some cardio.
    Now I am reorganizing my office, may try out the new Container Store and I definitely need new towels for our bathroom! Come on February!! ❤️

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