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The Happy Holidays Letter

December 19, 2021

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By Andrea Rouda

BECAUSE COVID put a damper on things I have done very little traveling this year, although I have thought about visiting Hawaii, Italy, London, Tanzania, Israel and Greece. Instead I went to the North Fork of Long Island, which is a hidden way of saying the Hamptons because, well, you know, and to southern Florida, which never disappoints. The ocean is still there in all its glory; thankfully climate change has not ruined that.

I’m pleased to report that my entire family has escaped Covid. That sounds like a lot of people, but it’s actually only me, my husband and our son, and my cousin Brian and his son Bailey. That’s it. Oh, and my cat Lurch. He has caused me no end of problems as he refuses to wear the mask and I have no idea where he goes when he’s out. For all I know it’s a crowded beer hall, beer halls steadily becoming very popular here in our little town. Who knew Freeport would become the craft-beer capital of the world?

In October my husband ran for the Freeport Town Council. He insists my blog lost him the race because some townsfolk were dismayed by what they read, attributing my outrageous statements to Mitch instead of to me, which is ridiculous.

As a consequence of the local citizenry not supporting his candidacy I have decided not to participate in this year’s Holiday Baking Extravaganza, which takes place at the post office for two weeks leading up to Christmas Day. It’s the least I can do in protest.

This year I sold two paintings and gave four away to friends, so I’m busy making new ones to replace those missing canvases. Painting remains my passion and does not require me to wear a mask, so I’m happy.

The bad news is that I had a boatload of strange illnesses this year, none of them fatal, thank goodness, but bad enough to keep me mainlining Extra-Strength Tylenol. I’m asking Santa to bring me a new body for Christmas.

Anyway, wishing everyone a happy holiday season!

—Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid

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