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Happiness Is Elusive

November 7, 2021



By Andrea Rouda

SOMEHOW, being “happy” has become the thing to shoot for in life. Nobody suggests that you get smarter, or more compassionate or more productive or more thoughtful or more intelligent. People don’t ask if you are growing, learning or understanding your life’s purpose — just if you are happy.

Total strangers tell you to “Have a nice day,”or, “Have a good one,” or the most annoying, “Have a nice rest of your day,” when you see them in the afternoon, as if what transpired earlier in your day carries no weight.

This situation is a great disappointment to many, myself among them, who regard happiness as a fleeting emotion with little benefit other than a passing flood of endorphins that might help you forget your troubles for awhile. For surely we all have troubles, and while forgetting them momentarily may feel good, it won’t solve any problems that might desperately need solving. Besides, some people have very little chance of any happiness ever due to circumstances beyond their control, so suggesting that the Smiley Face is the only face to wear can be downright insulting.

—Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid

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