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Marriage Has Limits

October 24, 2021



By Andrea Rouda

I HAVE discovered that certain readers of The Daily Droid find it offensive and are saying so on Facebook. This is odd because reading it is completely optional. I have also learned that the aforementioned readers live in my town, a teeny-tiny speck on the map called Freeport (pop. 8,737 at last count) in the state of Maine (population 1.3 million). So we are not talking a major metropolis, just a cluster of humanoids in a somewhat dull and insignificant part of the country.

Anyway, the reason these people are reading my blog has nothing at all to do with me, it’s just that my husband is running for a seat on the Town Council and so politics rears its ugly head, even in the shallowest end of a kiddie pool. The shocking things I have written here—you can decide what’s shocking—are being attributed to him, even though I wrote them.

So for those readers: Understand that when two people marry they might share a name, a bed and a bank account but they almost always maintain separate brains. I say “almost” because of an old friend of mine who said she never read the paper or watched the news because her husband did and, “Marty tells me what to think!”

Editor’s Note: Oy!


—Andrea Rouda

Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid

4 thoughts on “Marriage Has Limits

  1. Holly Pollinger says:

    Don’t love this, In fact I don’t believe you have done your homework. Guess I’m not a fan of spewing.

  2. cynthia tilson says:

    Oy! indeed!
    Love this one…enough said though, or the Droid crowd may turn on your blog fans too!

    1. Janet Kelly says:


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