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A Rude Awakening

October 17, 2021



By Andrea Rouda

YOU KNOW those TV commercials for sleep aids and pillows that show people waking up with a smile, stretching happily and jumping out of bed, then rushing to the window to gaze out at a brand new beautiful day? That was not the scene at my house this morning.

No, it wasn’t. Instead, I was rudely awakened by a tick burrowing its way into my head. It was still dark at five in the morning, and while I did jump out of bed, that’s where the similarity to those commercials ended.

My shrieks of horror woke my husband. He was not happy either, since his ominous task was obvious to both of us. Digging around my scalp with a pair of tweezers (mercilessly I might add, despite the fact that yesterday he was all sweetness and light on our 35th anniversary), Mitch successfully removed the disgusting little creature in its entirety, but not very easily and with much cursing from both of us.

It was nothing at all like those commercials. You never see stuff like that on TV, even though it is a far more likely occurrence than the smiling, stretching pillow people, at least here in Maine during deer tick season, which is basically all the time except when there is snow on the ground, and then, well, you have to deal with all that snow on the ground. Anyway, remind me never to go outside again.

—Andrea Rouda

Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid.

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