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What Will We Wear?

By MyLittleBird Staff

IT’S JULY—tomorrow—but September’s on my mind. Over the next couple of months many of us will be returning to offices, volunteer work, in-person meetings, lunches and dinners inside restaurants, our so-called pre-Covid “normal” lives.

Which is why last week we asked readers how they envision themselves in their post-pandemic lives. How will your wardrobe change? What are your thoughts about “back-to-school” clothes?

Thanks for taking the time to answer. We received a range of opinions/responses, including a couple of diametrically opposed ones—one recently retired Washington Post editor was certain she was going to kiss snug clothing goodbye forever, while an Allegheny Court judge was equally positive that her post-Covid wardrobe of pants and jackets would be form-fitting. A few of you were looking forward to dressing up again, even wearing  sparkly jewelry, while others were confident that their dress would remain on the casual side but with a healthy dose of “chic.”

But we’ll let you speak for yourselves. Here’s what you told us:

Cindy Skrzycki, senior lecturer emerita, nonfiction writing, University of Pittsburgh:
Nothing from my previous life fits me, nor would I want to wear it. As my mom used to say, it’s the spread.

Caren Sniderman, former assistant city editor at The Pittsburgh Press:
My lifestyle has not changed much. Except for going out to lunch/dinner, my activities stayed the same. Now, my old going-out clothes seem like new after a rest in my closet.

Christine Ledbetter, former arts editor, Washington Post, now freelance writer: 
I will never again buy snug. No more tight jeans, underwire bras, unforgiving waistbands. Post pandemic I’m buying a travel wardrobe for all the trips I missed last year. Also, I never wore sneakers before unless it was for working out but I’m loving some of the upscale looks by Rag & Bone, Fendi and Stuart Weitzman. I want to breeze through airports in chic comfort.

Linda Kastan, arty museum guide, New York City: 
Casual chic. For example: Looser pants (beige or black); solid top (e.g., black top with beige pants), khaki suede sneakers, silver necklace. I’ve been buying Missoni sweaters (0n sale) to wear as tops for going out to dinner.

Maureen Young, former director, government relations at Carnegie Mellon:
Because I have a new(ish) boyfriend, I have been wearing nice clothes all along — linen dresses, good slacks and blouses, etc., regardless of Covid.

Cathy Bubash, judge on the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania:
I’ll wear the same thing I always did— uniform of pants and jackets with various tops and pumps, all of which will be “tight.”

Nancy Gold, retired divorce and family law attorney:
Because I really retired effective January 1 this year, I’m not going back to an office. However, I am out in the community more and find myself actually “getting dressed” to go out.  After living in sweats and jeans for over a year, it’s a pleasure to think about what’s in my drawers and closet and devising new combinations and outfits with what’s there.  And there’s a lot there!  So, I wear one of my many pairs of beautiful black trousers, with a colorful top (not a T-shirt), and real sandals now, not flip-flops. I’ve even switched out my handbag to one a little more structured. To me, it’s true that when you really get dressed you move and behave with a bit more “class.”

Bonnie Casper, Long & Foster real estate agent:
I actually have been thinking about this. I think I have been wearing more pants, although I was always primarily a dress/skirt person. But, at least for the spring and summer, my wardrobe is “less formal,” while still  business appropriate. I also have been wearing a few summer dresses but not predominantly.  (To be honest, many meetings are still Zoom, although I have to get out to meet with clients, etc.). I do not know how I will feel come fall and winter. It seems as if styles changed over the last 14 months but not sure how or what is “current.”

Judith Robinson, poet and painter:
Well, Little Bird, my immediate future will probably actually involve a bit more socializing as I don’t “work” out in the world. So I like the idea of dressing up a little, maybe some colorful summer prints and some sparkly jewelry. Feels like fun times coming!

Mary Falvello, medical billing specialist:
My work is dress casual. I have gone back to basics in my style—skinny straight-leg pants and a simple T-shirt or sweater and a cardigan or jacket. Also been wearing more blouses. I have never worn leggings. I find that wide legs and baggy tops are not my best look.

It will be nice to wear a little heel again and some of my sandals. I used to have fun changing up necklaces, but for the past year I’ve worn this little diamond necklace, and I’ve kind of gotten used to the look. Looking forward to putting on lipstick and taking more time with my hair. The masks sure concealed a lot of flaws.


P.S. If you let your hair go gray, are you going to dye it again? Will you have manicures again or let your nails go au naturel? I know we didn’t specifically ask these questions in the first place, but if you’d like to respond, send me an email: Thanks.

3 thoughts on “What Will We Wear?

  1. Aren’t women wonderful! Loved the spirit that shines in these answers!

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      I was just thinking that. I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Carol says:

    I agree with Caren, all my old clothes are new again! I plan to wear more skirts and dresses, already have 3 new summer ones. We are going out more to gatherings and it’s fun to decide what to wear!

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