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Walkin’ Those Dogs

February 4, 2021


NOW, DON’T GO all judge-y on me. The 17.2 inches of snow and the doggie duties (from left, Bailey, Sadie Lou and the sainted Jeremiah) got to me the other day. And this is the result.*

Walkin’ Those Dogs

Pups gotta poop, pups gotta pee
I gotta be where I don’t ALWAYS wanna be
Can’t help walking those dogs of mine.

It may be snowy, rainy or sleet
I cover up, my head to my feet
Don’t ALWAYS love walking those dogs of mine.

Although they may NOT be the dogs
People think of as pretty
To me, they are what they should be.
 Oh, go pee . . .

Jeremiah was 14, Bailey was 9,
All of age 10 Sadie Lou became mine.
Don’t DARE STOP walking those dogs of mine.

I take the old ones, kinda like me.
Jeremiah, Bailey and Sadie made three.
I LOVE walking those dogs of mine.

—Nancy McKeon


Apologies to Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein, fans of “Showboat” everywhere and, at the bridge (for some reason), George and Ira Gershwin from “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

*MLB Art Director LittleBird Kathy encouraged this silliness. When I told her all the elements were in place, her reaction was, “Great! Just in time for Grammy nominations!”

It’s hard to overestimate the amount of ridiculous pleasure we take in weirdness around here . . .

4 thoughts on “Walkin’ Those Dogs

  1. Nancy G says:

    Our lifestyle now does not really allow for a dog, but I still miss my Taylor, who went to doggie heaven nearly 15 years ago. Going out for a walk and communing with my pup as she did her business, including smelling every leaf around, got me moving. Miss that.

  2. Bonnie Kogod says:

    Bravo! Love it!

  3. cynthia tilson says:

    Delightful! My little 11lb terrier terrorist JJ – all pure alpha male spunk – is more motivating than any trainer has been in getting me up off the couch, and out the door. Dogs gotta pee!

    1. Nancy McKeon says:

      Cynthia, I hear you. The “trainer” aspect is great. Plus, I simply haven’t felt the isolation that has plagued so many, especially during the truly serious days of pandemic lockdown. I was too busy walking—-and walking and walking—-a pup. Poor Bailey died, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, at the end of October at age 9—-I had had her only 15 months and she had just recently found herself a boyfriend!—-and till I found Sadie Lou at the beginning of December I very rarely left my apartment. The pandemic shelter-dog shortage almost made me lose my mind! Let’s hear it again for our pups!

      (BTW, I always swore I would never get a terrier! Your 11 pounds of JJ is worth 40, 50 pounds of any other kind of dogflesh, right? I also never want a young dog, or any doggo with more energy than I have. Well, at age 10, Sadie Lou—-yes, a terrier mix—-provides both cardio AND strength training. Stately 75-pound Jeremiah would never have pulled the crap she does! But ya gotta love ‘em!)

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