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Stop Aging Today

September 20, 2020



NOTE TO SELF: Buy anti-aging pillowcase before next birthday. Apparently there are ones on the market, and thank God I won’t have to actually look my age anymore.

Who knew that buying the wrong silk pillowcase, which is very easy to do I might add, can actually cause wrinkles? The one I saw advertised is made of mulberry silk, which as you know is the key to not growing older. I did not know and have been sleeping on cotton pillowcases my whole life and consequently I kept aging and got to be 74, which sucks. I am also going to invest in one of those anti-aging exercise videos I saw advertised on Instagram this morning. Both of those things together should certainly stop the clock.

Aren’t modern-day scientists amazing? They can keep you from getting wrinkles, or at least diminish the look of the wrinkles you already have. At least, that’s what the fine print says.


—Andrea Rouda

Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid


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