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The Smithsonian Gets Crafty Again

September 10, 2020

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Crafts will take many forms at the Smithsonian craft and Craft2Wear show. Seen above, items from the September 2019 Craft2Wear show, by, from left, Cynthia Chuang, Gabriel Ofiesh and Ignatius Cregan/Rod Givens. ON THE FRONT: Jackets from the September 2019 Craft2Wear show, by, from left, Mary Lynn O’Shea, Jane Herzenberg and Sandra Miller.

THE SMITHSONIAN needs you. By “the Smithsonian,” we mean the Smithsonian Women’s Committee. And by “you,” we mean all of us.

The Women’s Committee exists to support the Smithsonian’s 19 branches, and it awards grants—almost half a million dollars’ worth each year—to the various museums and libraries and research facilities and traveling exhibits, plus the National Zoo.

Problem is, the money for those grants comes from the Women’s Committee’s two primary fundraisers, the springtime craft show, probably the most important juried craft show in the country, and the fall Craft2Wear show, which showcases the work of artisans who concentrate their craft on the wearable.

You can no doubt guess the rest. Because of Covid-19 the big spring craft show was postponed until fall, and now it will combine with Craft2Wear’s wearable-art boutiques for two weeks in October. But . . . the show will be virtual. There will also be a live auction on October 21 for art and craft objects made by artisans who rely on the Smithsonian shows for a fair amount of their annual income.

The combined crafts show will run from October 13 through October 25. But the Women’s Committee’s funds for making their all-important grants is down to about zero. So the committee is asking for help from craft enthusiasts who look forward to the annual shows and understand the role of the Women’s Committee.

As a message from the committee explained, “There are no rewards for your donation—we have no tote bags or mugs or bumper stickers. All we have is our thanks, and the thanks of the curators, researchers, and scientists . . . your donation will support.”

You can make a donation here.


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