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Wine and Friends

July 19, 2020



I DON’T CLAIM to be an oenophile, I just like to drink wine. In fact, knowing the word oenophile is about as snooty as I get, wine-wise. But I know what I like, as they say, and I gotta say I like this bottle I opened a minute ago, enough to tell you all about it. It’s a merlot from the Chalone Vineyard in California’s Monterey County, made in 2007. It is fabulous, dahling. The label says it is “soft yet full-bodied, with rich cherry flavors and aromas enhanced by hints of oak vanilla.” See, I never would have thought of that. I think it tastes delish, and is actually quite indescribable, but trust me: when it’s in your mouth, you’re happy. In fact, I keep it there for a minute before I swallow because it tastes so good. (That must be the oenophile in me.)

I am not one to drink cheap wine, and because my husband bought this bottle I have no idea how much it cost—could have been 12 bucks or 20. We rarely have a better bottle, unless someone died or Jim Z. brought it. Jim Z. is a friend of my husband who is deeply, severely and seriously into wine. When he brings us some, it’s special. Like $65 worth of special, which means we’ll never, ever have it again. But if you like affordable red wine, go out and get some of this Chalone Vineyard Merlot. I can’t say that it’s perky or too pushy or insouciant or anything at all other than “delish,” which is not even a real word, I know. I guess I’m not much competition for my husband’s friend’s blog—different friend—which is called Wine Zag. You should check it out (Wine Zag) if you go in for that pretentious wine talk—it’s full of that. And Adam Japko, the blogger of whom I speak, is a great guy who knows a lot about wine, and not a bit pretentious in person.  It’s just that I think talking about a beverage is like reading a piano.

—Andrea Rouda

Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid

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