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Life’s Coincidences

June 28, 2020



read a quote from somebody famous who said, “Life is lived in the coincidences.” (I already Googled it and couldn’t find who said it so don’t bother.) If that’s true, I experienced one early today, so I guess I’m alive.
I was out for my daily (unless it’s raining or snowing) almost-three-miles walk. This being allergy season in Maine, I was extremely  sniffly the whole time. In fact, the feeling that I was about to sneeze all but ruined my ability to quiet my mind and enjoy the beautiful day. My nose itched—a lot. I’d be sure the sneeze was coming, waited for it, and then it didn’t.
I tried to ignore the feeling and pay full attention to the music coming through my headphones. Today, as always, it was the 1966 Beach Boys album, Pet Sounds. According to Wikipedia, despite its cool reception here in the US, in Great Britain the album soared to the top of the charts and stayed there for six months. “Pet Sounds attracted recognition for its ambitious recording and sophisticated music. It is widely considered to be among the most influential albums in the history of music.”Despite the distraction of the music, that annoying need-to-sneeze stayed with me until my walk was nearly over. Finally it came out, and it was a big one. With the sound of it still ringing in my ears, a car passed by slowly, bearing the vanity plate “ACHOO.”

—Andrea Rouda

Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid

One thought on “Life’s Coincidences

  1. cynthia tilson says:


    That was a good example of synchronicity. The topic an interesting little rabbit hole to explore if you are interested in Jungian analysis at all.


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