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The Human Condition

May 3, 2020


I CAN’T decide if I am a good person who has done bad things or a bad person who has done good things. This might seem like splitting hairs, but the answer could mean where I end up for eternity. Even though I scoff at organized religion I still believe in The Big Guy, which means I believe in Heaven and Hell or some sort of eternal repository. Several of the bad things I’ve done are too bad to write about here, and listing the good things would come off as obnoxious.

Let it suffice that, like most people, there’s good and bad inside me. I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to kill off the bad one, but since the only methods I’ve heard of would also eliminate the good one, resulting in all of me being dead, I have not gone forward with any plan. Instead, each night I go to bed promising that tomorrow the good me will be in charge. I will have oatmeal for breakfast and go for a three-mile walk. But then I wake up and read the news and the bad me makes waffles and opens Facebook and it’s all downhill from there.

Things were so much easier when I was just raising my son. I always knew what was best for him and did it, despite his begging. He turned out great, although oddly enough he also has a Good One and a Bad One inside. That seems common among our species.

—Andrea Rouda

Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid

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  1. Molly H. says:

    Love it!

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