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What We Want to Wear Now: 3.03.2020

LEFT: Spring is tricky. March came in like a lamb this year. It might go out like a lion, who knows? Nevertheless, I could happily layer this Wool-Blend Oversize Blazer ($219, &Other Stories) under my down coat for the chilliest days, over a sweater or a hoodie  when it’s milder. I prefer this light tan color to black, but it also comes in a sage color that’s tempting and an ivory. RIGHT: I’ve been searching for a necklace that will jazz up a black turtleneck or lie just right at my collarbone when I wear an open-neck shirt. This 18k gold-plate Alona Erin Necklace ($170, Need Supply) with pearly cabochon pendant could answer my quest.


LEFT: The price of one of Hermès’s 24 Rouge Hermès lipsticks—its first foray into cosmetics—will be $67 (available in satin and matte) a pop. Still, it’s the brand’s most attainable purchase—less than its $79 Twilly one-ounce bottle of perfume and lots less than a $10,000 Birkin bag. According to the Wall Street Journal, designers chose the colors from the Hermès library of 75,000 silk swatches and 900 leather shades. The lacquered metal color-blocked cases (refills are $42) use the same hardware as the brand’s bags and shut with a magnetic click. Also, no plastic! Wonder if you can test before you buy. Anyway, the lipsticks will be available tomorrow in Hermès boutiques, at Hermès online and at retailers, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. CENTER: I’m due for another tube of Patchology’s Lip Service Gloss-to-Balm Treatment ($12 with code REFRESH on Dermstore until March 8). I first tried it several months ago when my BFF gave it to me as a little present. It delivers on the promise of soothing dry, chapped lips, plus it somehow makes my much-less-than-voluptuous lips look plumper. Maybe it’s the honey that’s responsible or the hyaluronic acid. Bonus: It tastes good. RIGHT: I’m not always a fan of fashion collaborations, but I do think Vans’ Sandy Liang Boyfriend Hoodie  ($72, Need Supply) is pretty cute. The cozy fleece pullover hoodie is one of the results of a partnership between the sportswear brand and Liang (a New York designer with a cool-girl following). The eyelets and piercings on the edge of the hood toughen up the sweatshirt—in a good way.


ABOVE: I have many handbags. Some are too big to schlep around all the time, others too small to fit my necessaries (phone, glasses, lip gloss, wallet, keys).  One that could be just right for most days is Clare V’s Midi Sac Bag ($300.90 with code SPRING, Shopbop). Because I’m partial to wearing neutral clothes, the eye-catching cherry-red leather works as a bright accent. That contrasting pink webbing crossbody strap ($65, Clare V) is additional, however.

—Janet Kelly


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    Love the hoodie! May have to add to my collection.

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