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Pajamas for Day and Night

March 31, 2020

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WELL BEFORE Covid-19 came along— when I began working from home—I sometimes spent entire days in pjs. But that was also before friends and family wanted to get together for cocktails, share information about the virus and play catch up over video platforms. I wondered whether I could find pajamas that combined the comfort of sleepwear with the presentability warranted for a new style of communicating. My conclusion: Up my pajama game.

Below, some results of browsing around:




LEFT: I may just have to spring for these Daphne Pajamas ($99, Nordstrom) from Australian brand Chalmers. I love the prancing giraffes, and the cut of the top is so flattering I think I could pass muster when chatting virtually with my favorite 13-year-old. Psst: They also look similar to this very pricey one from Olivia Van HalleRIGHT: I’m not a cat person, but if I were, I’d pounce on this Karen Mabon Pajama Set ($195, Shopbop). A patch pocket, contrasting piping and long sleeves with button cuffs give the lightweight charmeuse jammies a style that’s a cut above. Retro enough to be right at home in a mid-century Slim Aarons photograph of poolside lounging.



LEFT: These plush Harbor Pajamas ($52.80, during Nordstrom’s 40% off sale) mix practical and comfortable with lace details for sitting pretty on conference calls. They’re from Flora Nikrooz, a label known for its handmade lingerie and sleepwear. CENTER: For a more tailored look, sleep, work or watch Netflix in Recliner’s sporty jersey Classic PJ Set ($115, also available in black, blush, cool blue and two shades of gray). Bonus points: You can mix sizes for tops and bottoms, say, a medium or large pant with a small top. RIGHT: This cute pink and black Dots Slouchy PJ Set ($155, Shopbop) in a stretchy knit fabric ups the presentability factor over your ratty sweatpants and sweatshirt.


ABOVE: Let’s talk elegant at-home looks. Our art director extraordinaire Kathy Legg favors these exuberantly floral Dorothy Draper pjs (she prefers them to wearing a robe) she purchased a couple of years ago at the ritzy Greenbrier. When asked what she liked about them, she answered, “I think it’s just the whole Dorothy Draper thing and the connection to the Greenbrier,” she says. “The pajama floral is in a bathroom just off the Windsor Club wing. It’s a really large lounge and the orchids on a black background are on all the walls, even in the stalls. It’s really quite a spectacle.” Alas, because the Greenbrier is closed, we were unable to verify whether these fab pajamas are still available.



LEFT: I bought Hello Mello’s Leisure Time Collection Cafeology Lounge Pants ($19.99) at a hospital gift shop—who knew? Anyway, they’re stretchy and uber-comfy as good for lounging around as for sleeping. They come in a variety of other fun print, and you can pair them with equally cozy Dream Tees ($16.99). The pants and shirts each are prettily packaged in a drawstring pouch in case you wanted to give them to a good friend. RIGHT: Wearing Serena & Lily’s Positano Linen Pajamas ($128, take 20 percent off with code ATHOME, also available in blush, sage and French blue) would help me fantasize I’m in the Italian Riviera back in the day—like last summer. Thumbs up for linen, which keeps you comfortable awake or asleep. Not the best option for video conferencing if wrinkles pose a problem.


LEFT: This is not a pajama, but it’s also not your mother’s house dress. Look casually elegant but composed and comfortable in this all-cotton Sariah Caftan ($125, Goop) whether you’re reading on the sofa or going outside to pick up your Amazon package. When we’re allowed back at the beach, it would make an excellent coverup. CENTER: We’ve featured Zen Moon Classic Pajamas ($180) before. But we’re wild about the flowy silhouette of the made-in-Bali set of wide-sleeved top and cropped culotte bottom in silky bamboo. Swan around in it all day and get your zzzz’s in it at night. RIGHT: If you happened to be on a business call, few would guess that the colorful top of these Natori Dynasty Printed Pajamas (reduced from $160 to $120, Saks Fifth Avenue) is part of a pj set. And, at the end of the day, just because we’re hibernating, we can still make a meal an occasion. Just add a pair of marabou slippers to dress for dinner.

—Janet Kelly


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6 thoughts on “Pajamas for Day and Night

  1. Kathy Legg says:

    Rats! I just tried to order the caftan, but it’s sold out. Nevertheless, I added my email to the wait list with fingers crossed. It just looks so perfect.

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Kathy, you could try to buy it on the Skin website. Here’s the link:

  2. Deba Leach says:

    Hey Janet,
    This post is so timely. For my part I have appreciated my grey knit HANRO pjs topped by a fifty year old black/pattern kimono I inherited from my mother-in-law. And flats. Miss you!

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Hanro makes good everything. And that black kimono sounds wonderful. Miss you, too. xxx

  3. Carol says:

    I am definitely going to need new pajamas soon . Very cute choices here Take care my friend ❤️

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Thanks, Carol. You and Rich, too!xxx

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