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Poem: Why I Love My Lipstick


Judith R. Robinson

Because, in Clearly Crimson, I can sing a siren’s song.

Because, in Crystal Coral, I am never alone too long.


I can name the stars for Martin, wearing Starlit Pink.

Or speak my mind to Phillip, tell him what I think.


Because, in Lilac Rose, I do not hide in bed;

I can out-dazzle anybody, wearing All Star Red.


Because, in Silvery Mauve, I lay claim to copper skies;

Because in Copperglaze Brown, I never apologize.


At night, by Naked Bronze Glow, I hear my lover sing

Inside his purple kisses, I drink Wine With Everything.


In the August of my life I still savor Cherries In The Snow

And treasure the girlish heart that compels me to do so.


I am Boldness, Beauty, Devil & Charmer

In a beeswax, coal tar & fragrance armor.

—Judith R. Robinson

Poet, painter, fiction writer, teacher and editor, Judy is listed in the Directory of American Poets and Writers. She has published 75-plus poems, five poetry collections, one fiction collection and one novel. Her newest collection, “Carousel” (Lummox Press), was published in January 2017. Her last gallery exhibit, “The Numbers Keep Changing,” was on view at The Pittsburgh Holocaust Center last spring. Her next show will be at a Pittsburgh cafe this coming May. For more information: or


2 thoughts on “Poem: Why I Love My Lipstick

  1. Love! This poem’s spirit reminds me of Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman.”

  2. Kathie Green says:

    Love this!! The poem just says it all ❤️

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