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Flashy Legs

December 3, 2019

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THIS MAY NOT be the weather for striding through the streets wearing leggings but, then again, it may be better to get used to these flashy designs inch by inch, peeking out from under a winter coat, that sort of thing.

All kidding aside, these metallic, sometimes holographic, sometimes iridescent leggings are everywhere! And if you got it, flaunt it, as they used to say (though not to me).

—Nancy McKeon

LEFT: From Terez, these High-Rise Balayage Foil Leggings are $104 at Shopbop. The colorway is called Rainforest With Gold. Shopbop also has Terez’s Rainbow Haze Dusted Balayage Leggings, $101, a sweet combo of metallic pink and turquoise and yellow.

RIGHT: Iridescent Print Running Mid-Rise Leggings, from C9 Champion, are $39.99 at Target. Iridescent strips across the  legs and the back of the waist are printed on black. The iridescent waistband features a rear zip pocket for keys—or, if necessary, carfare!


LEFT: From Beyond Yoga, Spot On High-Rise Leggings feature printed metallic polka dots, black and Active Blue. They’re $110 at Bloomingdale’s.

RIGHT: The color of these Disco Foil Workout Leggings is Gunmetal Glitter Print, which pretty much says it all. Available on the Sweaty Betty website, they’re $90.


LEFT: Heroine Sport Metallic High Waist Leggings come in “24K” (gold, shown) and Platinum foil finish. They’re $99 at Nordstrom. The Sweaty Betty site has similar High Shine Leggings in Black Cherry and Black for $95.

RIGHT: Beyond Yoga’s Alloy Ombre High-Waist Leggings are found at Bloomingdale’s in Black Gunmetal (as shown), Shiny Mauve Speckle, Team Burgundy and Black Iris (iridescent speckles on black). They’re $110. Versions in Hunter Green with Antique Gold Speckle, Navy with Silver Speckle, Rose-Gold Speckle on Black-White can be found on the Beyond Yoga site.


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3 thoughts on “Flashy Legs

  1. Kathy Legg says:

    What she said.

  2. no. just no. except alone, in the house, maybe. The sight of grown women trotting around in leggings makes my eyeballs ache.

    1. Nancy McKeon says:

      I’m sooooo glad I don’t have the legs (or anything else) for those leggings! I don’t even have to think of an excuse not to parade around looking like a circus performer. I haven’t (yet) seen anyone not in perfect shape try one of these, but I’m sure that day is coming (and I fear for the spring surrender of protective outerwear).

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