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The Clothes That Got Away

November 4, 2019

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That’s me, and my hair, back in around 1985. / Photo by Polaroid Corporation.

LAST WEEK we went rummaging around in our closets looking for the oldest clothes we had and tried to figure out why we still had them. Then reader Carol Lichty told us about the black cashmere coat with the mink colllar she had received in 1964 while a high-schooler—and she discovered she could still button it!! (She subsequently reported that she found the mink pillbox hat that goes with the coat.)

But I have a sadder tale to tell. In the back of a closet I recently found a large photo of myself from around 1985. It was shot on a large-format Polaroid instant camera, 20 by 24 inches, making it quite unusual (Polaroid apparently made only five of these big cameras in the 1970s, and a few are still available for rent for studio photos and art projects). What I first noticed—what anyone with eyesight would notice—was the abundance of frizzy hair. But when I dropped my gaze chestward I saw it, a Kenzo sweater with a colorful dragon embroidered on the front. A big colorful dragon.

Where is that sweater? How could I have given it away? Between sentences here I’m searching eBay for my onetime treasure. Lotsa Kenzo tigers but no dragon. It must have been the embroidery that sold me because a dark brown sweater with metallic gold horizontal stripes would simply not be my first choice.

But at least I have the photo.

LittleBird Janet mourns a full skirt and cropped-top duo by Chacok, similar to this Chacok outfit found on eBay, that “were so French.” She bought them back in the late 1970s in Monaco and wishes she still had them.

Anyone else have a lost treasure they’d like to mourn?

—Nancy McKeon

5 thoughts on “The Clothes That Got Away

  1. Janice Downie says:

    Nancy, I love the photo of you! You have that same adorable, enthusiastic smile.
    As for your hair, welcome to my world, if my hairdryer and round brush didn’t exist.

    1. Nancy McKeon says:

      Oh, Janice, if only I still had that much hair!!!

  2. WHERE is my red cashmere cardigan? I used to wear it buttoned down the back. I swear I didn’t give it away or throw it out, but it’s gone. I suspect the daughter has something to do with this but she won’t cop to it. NOT that it would fit anymore, but.

  3. Margaret Goldsborough says:

    Wondering if you were hacked! Saw the I stand-I kneel T-shirt ads early that disappeared by midmorning.

  4. Nancy McKeon says:

    LittleBird Janet mourns a full skirt and cropped-top duo by Chacok that “were so French.” She bought them back in the late 1970s in Monaco.

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