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Beware Disorders of the Facebook Variety

October 6, 2019



THE DEADLIEST DISEASE this century has spawned thus far doesn’t yet have a name, so I’ll give it one: Facebook Personality Disorder (FPD). Future generations will look back at this time period in horror, just as we reflect on past scourges like polio and the various plagues that ruined lives and decimated entire population centers.

I have a mild case of FPD but with constant vigilance I keep it under control. I use Facebook to post my blog, but I rarely engage in the long, angry, tortured streams of chatter that erupt over politics. These have been known to destroy self-esteem, ruin friendships, negatively impact marriages and eliminate basic human traits such as empathy, kindness and compassion. Native intelligence is also all but eliminated once the most virulent strain of FPD gains a foothold.

Early signs of the illness are laughing at or actually posting silly videos—animals and babies are common subjects—and/or adding comments to hateful scribes against a political figure or party. Both my husband and son have severe cases of FPD and I fear it is too late for them. I’ve given up preaching about it and have decided to concentrate on saving myself, and you should too. Remember: If someone comes to you and asks you to “Watch this video” on Facebook, run the other way fast. They are a carrier!

—Andrea Rouda

Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid

2 thoughts on “Beware Disorders of the Facebook Variety

  1. Nancy Anderson says:

    But……..(sometimes) don’t you just crave good, sweet news??

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Sure. But sometimes you just get so mired in it!

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