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Forecasting Foibles

September 8, 2019



WITH HURRICAINE season upon us, I’m thinking it looks like fun to be a TV weather forecaster, maybe on the The Weather Channel because that’s everyone’s go-to expert. But before I audition, I’m practicing here with a local weather forecast in my area:

“It’s getting darker earlier these days, which tells me that summer is over and we can expect fall any time now, say towards the end of September. This evening it will become dark, and stay that way until morning. It looks a bit cloudy right now, so it might rain. In fact we could have some locally heavy thunderstorms with damaging winds, making power outages possible. If you’re not prepared, I suggest going out and getting candles, a gas lantern, batteries, water, eggs, butter, milk, OJ, pet food and a copy of The National Enquirer in case the storm turns out to be even bigger than we think and you’re stuck at home with no TV or Internet. Keep in mind that it might not rain at all, since it seems to be brightening. Then again, it might just sprinkle a little, so if you need to water your vegetable garden you should, although if it does rain a lot then you’ll be sorry.”

How’d I do?

—Andrea Rouda

Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid

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