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Who’s Your Dog, Really?

June 5, 2019

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THE SAINTED JEREMIAH, as one friend called my good old dog, died in December 2017 at age 14. For a St. Bernard mix that wasn’t bad, right? But even better: He lives on!

In a goofy but ultimately satisfying way.

Thanks to the clever people at Crown & Paw, Jeremiah is now The Veteran. You can see how well he fits that description.

What Crown & Paw does is offer images from various Renaissance and 19th-century portraits, all of which can be digitally altered to render Lily or Killer as The Baroness or The Admiral, or any of about two

Not many things bothered a generally indifferent Jeremiah, not even little Boston terriers who wanted to be friends. / MyLittleBird photo.

dozen images, including some rather dark and disturbing “Ice and Fire” templates (yes, as in “Game of Thrones”).

If your pup (or kitty!) is still with you, you can probably take a new photo to work with your chosen template. Jeremiah could have been The Emperor or The Ambassador, but since he is long gone, I had to choose a portrait carefully, making sure the angle of his head in the one decent photo I had of him would work (see inset). A simple upload (and a credit-card number) were all I had to provide.

I know this is really, really silly, even stupid. But I grin every time I glance over and see Jeremiah all decked out. Okay, the lolling tongue isn’t quite to military code, but that’s just the kind of trooper he was.

The Crown & Paw people say they will try to add double portraits in the future; for now it’s individual images. The 8x10s, on stretched and mounted canvas, are $49.95; there are larger sizes but . . .  really.

—Nancy McKeon

2 thoughts on “Who’s Your Dog, Really?

  1. Katie says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article, Nancy! Jeremiah really suits his Veteran attire and we are so glad that you smile every time you look at your portrait 🙂

    1. Nancy McKeon says:

      I do more than smile–I really get a good laugh! It’s an indulgence, but I keep spreading the word because whose spirits wouldn’t be lifted by seeing their dog or cat looking so noble (goofy but noble).

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