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Get Your Fresh Veggies Here!

MOST OF US have lots of photos squirreled away somewhere. So does Renée Comet. The difference is that Renée is a professional, and gifted, food photographer, and her photos are crisp and juicy. Also sweet (watermelon) and lively (two blue crabs facing off against each other).

With decades of fruits and vegetables and turkeys and chickens behind her—shot for ad campaigns, cookbooks and packaging—Renée decided to sift through the images and take some of them into the third dimension: Now you can wrap a phalanx of tomatoes around your torso as an apron or dry the coffee cups with an edible-geranium-leaves kitchen towel. I confess that I never use my Comet Cloths. The amazing-looking Watermelon Towel and the field of sliced radishes hang in the kitchen, cheering me up whenever I glance over at them. (They’re kinda like puppies that way!)

Renée calls herself a commercial photographer, and she is, but she also knows how to produce less-than-perfect, real-home-cook-looking dishes. Back when I was editing the weekly Food section for The Washington Post, Renée was my go-to, for inspiration matched only by reliability.

Renée and her husband, Marty, have applied their usual high standards to the tea towels and aprons. They’re cotton duck, made in America and finished and packaged with flair. The towels range from $18 to $24, the aprons are $42, all available at Comet Cloth. Next year, who knows? Mugs? Bongo drums? Who can say?

Years ago, Renée collaborated on a wonderful book, The Artful Pie, with friend and fab food stylist Lisa Cherkasky, another member of my dream team. The book is a classic and the images are still fresh and lively and the recipes delicious. Wow, that would make a great twofer (or three- or more-fer)—a copy of The Artful Pie ($18.25 at Amazon), a Radish Apron ($42) and a Figs Towel ($24). Christmas shopping, consider yourself done.

—Nancy McKeon


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2 thoughts on “Get Your Fresh Veggies Here!

  1. Renee Comet says:

    Hi Kathy! Lovely visuals as usual!

    Wow, thanks for a great article and making me sound so good!

  2. Kathy Legg says:

    I love these towels! They’re also suitable for framing, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet. My favorite is the watermelon. Hi Renee!

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