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Holidays: Minimal Mantel

Five amaryllis bulbs in wax will soon be just festive enough to get me through Christmas while I pack up my house to move. They came from Trader’s Joe’s. / MyLittleBird photo.

I TOTALLY agree with the notion that too much is often just not enough. But as I square my shoulders to face The Season, I’m also squaring them to face the prospect of packing up the house and moving. Oooph.

Which took me to my neighborhood Trader Joe’s this week. My splendid mantel decoration is the result of that excursion, and soon to be splendider, when the amaryllis start to bloom.

That’s it this year: five amaryllis bulbs in wax. You don’t water them,  you don’t have to find five cachepots to contain them. I’m taking the Trader at his word, that these puppies will soon delight me with trumpets of color. Which color, I don’t know. They could all be red, maybe white, not a clue. I’m told by the checkout guy that I’ll know in about a week. But for the moment they look splendid enough to me, just marching across the mantelpiece like that.

—Nancy McKeon

Nancy McKeon is managing editor of MyLittleBird.


2 thoughts on “Holidays: Minimal Mantel

  1. Kathy Legg says:

    I love this idea! Holiday frou frou is all good and fine, but this is so elegantly simple. And easy! Many points awarded for easy.

  2. This will be MAGNIFICENT. I saw them yesterday and was hmmming, decided to go with the little vase with the single paper white bulb. What a treasure is trader joes. Meanwhile. A friend followed my suggestion of last week and got 2 amaryllis bulbs from Target @$13 each (free shipping at $25, so) — the pots are surprisingly handsome red ceramic. https://www.target.com/p/red-amaryllis-grow-kit-red-smith-hawken-153/-/A-52481430

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