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Under (Damp) Foot

CALL ME CONSERVATIVE, call me unimaginative. To me a bath mat has always been a rectangular or possibly oval bit of fluff, preferably in a neutral color.

But I’m so out of step when I step out of the shower! There are tons of more interesting bath mats out there. Some are a bit jokey for my taste (looking at you, Jonathan Adler), but some hit style notes I didn’t know bath mats were capable of.

—Nancy McKeon

LEFT: From Abyss, the Portuguese textile company, the cotton-acrylic-Lurex Carare bath rug measures 29 by 49 inches and is $322 at Fine Linens.

RIGHT: The Pasak Bath Rug, by Jon Robshaw, is neutral without being boring. In linen and white, it’s just gorgeous, and $85 at Horchow.

LEFT: This tongue-in-cheek zebra-skin rug is just cotton, of course, no zebras involved. It measures 31 by 44 inches and is $110 at Bloomingdale’s. Also available from Bloomie’s in turquoise. Black-and-white and gray-and-white versions are $88 at Perigold.
RIGHT: From Abyss, the Pink Rug is (obviously) pink with a leaf-green tropical pattern. Portuguese-made, it’s 23 by 39 inches and is $315 at Bloomingdale’s.

When there’s no limit to your appetite for color! (And why not cheer up the bathroom, right?)
LEFT: From MacKenzie- Childs, the handmade Happy Fish Bath Mat is $70 at MacKenzie-Childs.
RIGHT: From Missoni Home, the Portuguese-made all-cotton Valerian Bath Rug is 28 by 63 inches long. It’s $361 at Perigold.

LEFT: This sweet turquoise-and-white Floral Rug is $36.96, online only at Pier 1. Also available in pink-and-white.
RIGHT: From Abyss, the Portuguese-based textile company, the dreamy Dots Bath Rug, a substantial 27 by 47 inches, is on sale for $349.99 and exclusive to Bloomingdale’s.


LEFT: Okay, not strictly a bath mat, but it’s a mat that will allow you to express your canine sensibilities even in the bath. The larger size (18 by 30 inches) is $39 at The Company Store.
RIGHT: Bold as only MacKenzie-Childs can be bold, the Canterbury bath mat is $30 at MacKenzie-Childs.


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2 thoughts on “Under (Damp) Foot

  1. Carol says:

    Love the marble like oval but not for $322!

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      I know!

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