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Through a Glass . . . Colorfully

THE CASED CRYSTAL of our grandparents’ era is a thing of wonder: often a wineglass or tumbler blown from clear glass, and then a layer of colored glass applied over it, which is then carved away in a pattern that exposes the clear crystal beneath.

Too bad it looks so formal and old-fashioned except in the fanciest settings (which, I guess, already look formal and old-fashioned).

Other than the Ritz Carlton, which deploys an army of heavy cobalt-blue water goblets across its restaurant tables, most establishments commercial and domestic have been rather understated about glassware in recent decades.

But hints of color are popping up. Some examples are full-on variants on the classic form, viz. the cased-crystal Lismore Pops Collection from Waterford. Others are whisper-quiet, subtle additions to tables formal and in-.

Here are some we found while noodling around online.

—Nancy McKeon

LEFT: There’s still plenty of outdoor entertaining to come, so why not try these DuraClear double old-fashioned glasses, one of each color, made from unbreakable polycarbonate and specially priced at 6 for $54.57. Not shown: Tall highballs are 6 for $62.97 for a limited time. Stemmed margarita glasses are also 6 for $62.97. All at Williams-Sonoma.

RIGHT: From designer Monique Lhuillier come these fresh and feminine Tate highball and old-fashioneds, made from soda-lime glass.In either size they’re 4 for $32 at Pottery Barn, from Lhuilllier’s collection of home accessories.

LEFT: From France’s Saint-Louis Crystal, the Bubbles footed coupe in dark blue is $258 apiece at Scully & Scully.

RIGHT: Moser’s Pebbles double old-fashioned glass also comes in smoky gray, topaz, light green, yelllow, rosy-brown, lavender, beryl (pale aqua) and clear. It’s $125 (it’s $110 in clear) at Scully & Scully.

William Yeoward continues to redefine luxury glassware. The Marina highball glass is $275, the Marina double old-fashioned $270. Both sizes are available in both colors. All at Bloomingdale’s.

LEFT: From Baccarat, the Vega water glass comes as a two-glass set in amber, blue, green, red and purple as well as clear, for $480 ($320 in clear), at Bloomingdale’s.

RIGHT: Vega also comes in a whisper of sapphire color, $250 apiece. At Bergdorf Goodman.


LEFT: From France come these colorful Duralex tumblers, designed in 1945, 6 for $36. At the Museum of Modern Art.

TOP RIGHT: Aino Aalto designed these stackable tumblers, now in translucent blue,  in 1932. They’re 2 for $22, also at the Museum of Modern Art.

BOTTOM RIGHT: From CB2 come these Marta double old-fashioned and tall coolers, shown here in a pale lilac; also available in pale smoke gray and clear, $3.50 and $3.95 apiece. Marta old-fashioneds also come in luster finishes, in green, gold or blue, $4.95 each.

Here’s Waterford’s best-selling Lismore pattern reimagined as Lismore “Pops.” A pair of double old-fashioneds is $175. The toasting flutes are 2 for $195. The coupe-shaped stemmed cocktail glasses are $195 for the pair. The colors are aqua, cobalt, emerald, hot pink and purple (also, not shown, deep red). All at Bloomingdales. com.


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3 thoughts on “Through a Glass . . . Colorfully

  1. Nancy G says:

    After years (decades?) of playing it safe decorating-wise, it’s great to see color on a table!

  2. https://amano.bz/collections/stemware/products/biot-stemware-collecction

    Beautiful glasses at A Mano in Georgetown – popped up on a bride’s list this summer. Great selection at the store.

    1. Nancy McKeon says:

      I LOVE A Mano! And I love Biot glassware. The shop is a great addition to the story. Thanks!

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