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Shoes to Make You Giggle

IT DOESN’T have to cost a lot to have fun—though have you looked at the ticket price for Disney World lately? (A one-day Magic Kingdom pass is about $125 for an adult, slightly less for a child.)

Fun on your feet, on the other, um, hand, can be had for less—or for a lot, lot more.

Maybe you take your wardrobe too seriously to wear T-shirts with messages on them, even at the gym. And maybe your dignity is more important to you than a giggle or two during the day. But for some of us, every once in a while, a chuckle is in order.

Herewith, some possibilities of the season. At least they do the job for me.

—Nancy McKeon

From Del Toro, the food trends of the moment . . . underfoot. Left: embroidered “Avocado & Toast” slippers. They’re $425, exclusive to ModaOperandi, and come in pale blue or black velvet. Right: the embroidered “Dumpling Slipper,” in pink or black velvet, $425 at ModaOperandi.  The site also has Del Toro’s Chicken & Waffles, Sushi, Cookies & Milk, Burger & Fries, Pizza & Beer, Bacon & Eggs, Wine &  Cheese and Taco & Tabasco slippers!


Left: Here, here! These “Leni” espadrilles from Circus by Sam Edelman recommend Rosé All Day, and we couldn’t agree more. They’re reduced to $44.99 at Macys. Right: Soludos calls these Smoking Slippers, but they’re really embroidered espadrilles. “A La Plage” is $75 at Zappos. (For those of you who studied Spanish or German, “à la plage” means at or to the beach.)


Shiny yellow patent-leather “Go Taxi” flats are Kate Spade New York’s contribution to walking and the urban lifestyle. They’re $278 at Kate Spade.


Right: Soludos also has a take on taxis. The embroidered espadrille is $75 at Gilt. Left: From Toms, Cinderella’s glass slippers deconstructed as an alpargata, or espadrille. They’re $74.95, come in grownup-girl sizes and are part of the Disney collaboration with Toms.


Left: Just the thing for the rural lifestyle—mules and roosters and hens, right? Well, these printed-velvet mules are by Dolce & Gabbana and are $995 at ModaOperandi. Note: The same barnyard fowl showed up on a lot of bags and clothing from D&G’s pre-fall 2018 collection. Right: From Soludos, “Teddy and Gigi” embroidered espadrilles, $75 at Shopbop. Woof-woof.


Christian Louboutin’s “Dandy Love” red-sole suede loafer comes with all-red patent-leather writing, left,  for $945 at Bergdorf Goodman; or with a multicolored message, right,  for $995 at Christian Louboutin.


Feeling empowered? The “Vans X Marvel” slide in black and white features the women of the Marvel comic universe. The straps and molded footbed are imitation leather, $40 at Vans.


From Ugg, the “Cindi” sandal is an explosion of yarn on a cork sole. It comes in black, red, black-and-white, dark denim and soft ochre. $130 at


The “Beach Please” clear-vinyl slide with molded cork footbed from Schutz is $130 at Bergdorf Goodman. The message is “written” in silvery chains.

Sanayi 313’s “Iris” slippers have raffia uppers and are embellished (we should say so!) with tassels and seashells. They’ve been reduced to $419 at ModaOperandi.


Now, these shoes don’t make me giggle, they make me gasp. But really, the “Babouchkaflor” mule is the footwear equivalent of that amazing $53,000 Dolce & Gabbana flower-studded coat Melania Trump wore in Italy, right? These are from Christian Louboutin and they’re “only” $2,345 at Christian Louboutin.


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4 thoughts on “Shoes to Make You Giggle

  1. Linda says:

    I loved all the shoes. Great choices. Much fun. Some were works of art that the buyer will keep for many years to come and enjoy them each time they put them on.

  2. Carol says:

    I was giggling at the prices :-). Hard to imagine someone buying these to wear once or twice. Although I did look twice at the UGGs.

  3. Nancy says:

    They are fun, but pretty expensive for something that you’ll only wear for a few months!! Thanks for the eye-candy though.

    1. Nancy McKeon says:

      Eye-candy is kinda what I had in mind, though eight out of the 15 shoes were $130 or under. But mark my words: You’ll see that last pair of Louboutins in a museum someday! (So what if it would take a whole mortgage payment to own a pair?)

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