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Violet Vibes

February 6, 2018


IT’S NOT YOUR imagination. You’re seeing purple. Ever since Pantone declared Ultraviolet its color of the year for 2018, it is popping up on clothing, cookware, kitchen appliances, even vacuums.

And makeup. We recently spotted a goodie bag of eyeliner, lip gloss and nail polish from Butter London, which has collaborated with Pantone on an Ultraviolet collection. Before Pantone got into the business of standardizing color so colors can match across platforms on different media, the company made cosmetics color cards. Who knew?

Dark nail polishes are already ubiquitous, so an eggplant-colored one, yes indeed. And if you have hazel eyes, an eyeliner in a purplish shade works well to highlight those pretty peepers.

We’re not so sure about the eye and lip gloss, but $36 is not a bad deal for this limited edition gift set. Besides, some younger woman you know would likely be the happy recipient of some violet vibes.

—Janet Kelly


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One thought on “Violet Vibes

  1. Nancy says:

    Love that this is the shade of the season!

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