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Holiday Dressing, Solved!

December 12, 2017


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PARTY SEASON is in full swing, which means it’s that time of year when I stand in my closet and use lots of four-letter words as I try to find something to wear to the next cocktail party/get-together/happy hour/tree lighting.


As with so many things, I tend to overthink. I was definitely making holiday attire too big an issue. Thankfully, one of my fashion-savvy associates provided me with the ultimate solution with these four words: “Black pants, holiday top.”

Wait. It cannot be that simple. Oh, but it can.

What could be easier and more flattering holiday attire? Black pants—which everyone has in their closet— and a colorful or sparkly top. Pick up several options and you can go anywhere in style.

I chose a Vince Camuto Bell Sleeve Side Lace-Up Blouse that has the on-trend bell sleeves and a great-looking corset-style waist with lace-up sides.

Although I had several pairs of black pants, I couldn’t pass up some beautiful Ming Wang Wide Leg Pants in wrinkle-resistant knit. What I really love about them is the waist: Elastic. Since the blouse covers the waistline, I can be comfortable AND stylish. And they’re so . . . FLOWY. The only danger now is that I’ll be so comfortable I will park myself at the catering table at the parties and never leave. So, if you see me doing that, please shove me aside or I will have to wear elastic waists indefinitely.

There you have it. Put an end to the “I don’t have anything to wear” holiday-attire stress with this simple combination. Black pants, holiday top. Rotate blouse colors and pant-leg style and you have as many choices as you could wish.

—Ann Franks
Ann Franks is editor-in-chief of

For more suggestions on how to make black pants say “holiday,” see our slide show of festive tops above.

One thought on “Holiday Dressing, Solved!

  1. Carol says:

    PERFECT ADVICE! I have used this twice already this year AND received several compliments!

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