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Fashion on the Western Front

October 3, 2017


WHEN MEGA-talent Raf Simons filled the fall 2017 runway for Calvin Klein with head-to-toe denim and metal-tipped cowboy boots, trend watchers took note. Other designers followed suit on this western vibe with plaid shirts, bold studded belts, embellished booties and fringe. Fashion publications like Harper’s Bazaar and the Wall Street Journal magazine got on the bandwagon showing models cavorting on horses and through the tumbleweed in prairie skirts, patched jackets and distressed boots.  W magazine assured us the trend had legs for seasons to come. Like a lot of looks that are touted every new season, I ignored it. But then savvy managing editor Nancy McKeon asked me whether I thought any of these styles could have a place or fit into a grown-up girl’s wardrobe. Hmm.

It wasn’t until a friend of mine showed up at a lecture a couple of weeks ago wearing a light blue denim shirt with navy-and-gold side-striped khaki pants (both purchased from J. Crew) that I had an answer to that question. My pal looked polished but comfortable, nor would I be in the least surprised if when I see her again, she’ll be pairing either pants or shirt with a suede leather jacket and maybe some low, stack-heeled boots.  No rodeos or prairies in sight.

So, if you have an itch to incorporate a little bit of western in your everyday clothing, take a gander at some photos of what we’re hankerin’ for above.

—Janet Kelly 


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