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Thriving in a Tiny Space

Condo owner Sandy Grabowski. / Photo by CM Glover.

WHERE THERE is little light, let there be mirrors. Where there is no room for a home office, let there be an office area. In short, where there are lemons, make lots and lots of lemonade.

Condos, especially those new micro ones, can feel lemonish—and these lemon trees require regular pruning (of stuff). Photographer/writer/designer CM Glover found a young couple who infused life and light into their 628-square-foot condo in bustling Arlington, Virginia, and shared the homeowners’ thoughts about their space and his own photographs.

We share it here.

Note: The young couple have now married and moved on . . . to Nebraska! Still, their lessons remain, immortalized in these photos.

—Nancy McKeon


One thought on “Thriving in a Tiny Space

  1. Pat says:

    A regular mansion to NYC studio dwellers.

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