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Will ‘Killer Coral’ Kill Coral?

WE READ ABOUT the dying-off of coral reefs, thanks to, oh, so many things, most of them our fault. But now we know that coral has its own weaponry, all the deadlier because most of us know nothing about it.

I’ve been assuming that the enduring nature of coral as a decorative motif stemmed from our awareness of its fragility—okay, not really; we just like the look of it.

So I don’t expect that the killer coral out there will dim our ardor for the twisty, branchy stuff, at least as it’s depicted on table linens and pillows and other household items. It’s kind of like leopard print: People keep thinking it will fade as a trend, but some “trends” are simply classic. So here’s a small roundup of coral for the home, all without endangering the Great Barrier Reef. —Nancy McKeon

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