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Take the No-Complaints Challenge

July 9, 2017



IT’S AMAZING how little there is to say once we decide to stop complaining. For me, complaining is the building block of my very existence and the essence of my conversation. (Not that I’m complaining.) Whether this stems from early childhood traumas (I was kidnapped at the age of four) or from events later in life (given LSD without prior consent, raised Kosher but forced to eat bacon periodically), it’s a habit that is deeply ingrained, certainly in myself but also in every other person I have ever met. (I have never met Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama so that likely explains it.)

Most ordinary people enjoy complaining and do it all the time, to just about anyone who will listen. In fact, complaining is so popular that an entire profession is devoted to it; all the shrinks and counselors and coaches and therapists of every stripe make quite a good living off of sitting quietly and listening to the complaints of complete strangers.

Here’s a challenge: Try to go one day without complaining and see what happens. I’ve never done it but I bet something good would come of it. I’m thinking of trying it today, so before I start I’d like to unload a few complaints here to help me not complain later:

1. I hate these damn bugs! I have so many itches and bites all over my body I can’t decide where to scratch first, or which cream to use, I have so many of them, but of course none of them actually work for longer than five minutes.

2. It’s another hot day here in Maine! I thought Maine is supposed to be cool in summer! I hate summer, why do you think I live in this Godforsaken place? It’s not fair.

3. I am scheduled to work out today with a new trainer but my arm hurts and I don’t know why! Will it get worse from a workout? Oh great, that’s just what I need…..

4. There is not one decent movie playing at any of the local theaters! In fact, they are all playing the same movies! That is just dumb! Why don’t they all offer different choices?

Okay, that’s it.

—Andrea Rouda
Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid.

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