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What We Think Mom Wants

May 9, 2017

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AT LEAST HALF the e-mails in our in-box these past few weeks have been ideas on what to get Mom for her big day this Sunday. My own mom was notoriously picky, so finding a gift that would elicit a smile wasn’t for the faint–hearted. Flowers bored her. She said she liked perfume but I never recall her landing on a scent that stayed around for any length of time. A dainty Emilio Pucci scarf in orange and pink I bought her nailed it as did a cunning but very inexpensive clutch I found in Rome light-years ago. She was also fond of the Swatch watches I found for her.  I can just hear her saying, “Good lines.”  Plus, it had a face big enough to actually read the time. I think her favorite clothing item was her Courrèges jacket.  She wouldn’t have appreciated anything as practical as a kitchen gadget/appliance (cooking wasn’t her thing). However, the design of a Nespresso may have caught her fancy. So, with the thought of Mom looking over my shoulder, I’ve picked out 12 items from the frivolous to the useful that would have won her heart (well, maybe).

—Janet Kelly

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