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Shoe Ins for Summer

LAST WEEK New York magazine’s The Strategist focused on feet and the best ways to keep them presentable and comfortable as we enter the season of sandals and full exposure.  Their recommendations included Yoga Toes, a promising way to prevent bunions and hammertoes through stretch. Other product suggestions: foot peel potions, callus removers, foot cream and foot massagers (tennis balls!). MyLittleBird’s Managing Editor Nancy McKeon would add tea tree oil spray to that list. “It’s hard to find but refreshing and healing as well,” she says. And don’t forget about tending to your soles with a few easy exercises, like gripping a small towel with your toes.

While well-groomed, hydrated feet and shaped and buffed/polished toes are key, it’s important to consider how your foot looks in a sandal. Think of shopping for sandals like shopping for a dress—look for lines that flatter the good things about your foot. If you happen to be in a shoe store or shoe section of a department store, use the mirror to judge how your feet look.  Yes, Birkenstocks and the like are nerd-trendy, and while they may be comfortable and great for travel, they do the silhouette of your foot no favors.

A few tips:

  • A stacked-heel sandal will balance heavier calves and ankles.
  • For a desirable lift and more support and stability than sky-high heels, wedges are a good option.
  • Sandals that are within one or two shades of  your skin tone elongate legs.
  • Straps on sandals vary in width and placement, which affects looks as well as comfort. Thick straps placed high on the foot shorten your leg line.

In the gallery above, see our eight picks for feet that demand good looks and comfort, too.

—Janet Kelly









One thought on “Shoe Ins for Summer

  1. VIOLETTE says:

    je me soigne les pieds une fois par semaine avec une crème spéciale et je me fais les pédicures à la maison !
    j’aime les Birkenstocks pour le confort ! mais en regardant les photos j’aimerais les sandales Prada.

    [i use a special cream on my feet once a week and do my own pedicures at home! i like Birkenstocks for comfort, but among the shoes shown, i like the Prada sandals.]

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