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One and Done: 7 Dresses

SECOND TO MY QUEST to find something to wear for two summer weddings is my search for easy-to-wear, everyday dresses.

The cool and rainy weather has made cropped jeans or pants paired with T-shirts and blouses my outfit of choice, but I know hot summer days are coming. Which is when I’ll want to switch to a dress as my go-to uniform for the next several months. One that’s light as air, doesn’t stick to me and preferably doesn’t wrinkle too much. I’ll be able to wear said dress for a lunch date, a business meeting, for a casual dinner and pack it up for a weekend away. Simplicity is key, meaning trendy details such as balloon sleeves, high-low hems and off-the shoulder designs should be limited. Although my husband the dapper dresser objects, if the shape of the dress is, well, not so form-fitting, so be it. Comfort counts—a lot.

In the slide show above are several possibilities, but I’m always looking at more options for the ideal summer frock. So, let me know what you’ve discovered.  Comment on this story or post on our Facebook page.

—Janet Kelly

2 thoughts on “One and Done: 7 Dresses

  1. Nancy says:

    Love the Everlane dress. But I love almost all their stuff. And the price is right!

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      I love that one, too, although as I mentioned, that style just baffles Jim.

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