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Oh No, the Mockingbirds Are Back!

May 28, 2017


AND  THEY’RE nesting. All over town. And they’re getting ready to attack innocent doggies.

Take a look at what happened to poor Jeremiah last summer. What was truly galling about this attack was that there were 11 people (I counted) standing around in the same area playing Pokémon Go. The mockingbird didn’t bother them at all.

—Nancy McKeon

5 thoughts on “Oh No, the Mockingbirds Are Back!

  1. Mckeon says:

    Oh lawd, I keep screaming at mockingbirds to leave J and me alone!

  2. Violette Capelluto-Schor says:

    Bonjour Nancy,
    J’adore tes commentaires dans MyLitteBird Daily.
    Ces “Mockingbirds” traduction dans mon dictionnaire = oiseaux.
    Sont-ils dangereux pour les chiens !
    Je trouve les photos de Jeremiah superbes. Il n’a pas peur de ces “Mockingbirds”
    Il est majestueux
    Gros bisous,

    1. Nancy McKeon says:

      my online French dictionary tells me mockingbirds are “oiseaux moqueurs.” et Jeremiah n’en a pas peur (he’s not afraid of them–he doesn’t even see them!)

    2. VIOLETTE says:

      Jeremiah est superbe, c’est normal grace à sa propriétaire ! BRAVO JEREMIAH

      1. Janet Kelly says:

        Un chien parfait.

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