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Vacation Blues

March 12, 2017



ACCORDING TO THE U.S. Department of Energy, studying which states would provide the best wind power, the five least windy states are Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia and Alabama. That being said, having traveled to Florida with my husband to escape the frigid temperatures in Maine, since our arrival incredibly intense winds have made the whole place virtually uninhabitable, with few signs of letting up.

Years ago we were traveling in Europe and visited Provence, that storied land of fragrant lilac fields and abundant sunshine. We arrived during the Mistral, an intense wind that blows unabated for days at a time and is said to make people crazy. Before too long we understood why the French say even murder is forgiven after a week of le Mistral.

This brings up the problem surrounding the concept of “going on vacation” to “have a good time.” It’s a bad idea. Far better to stay home and figure out how to be happy (and remain alive) where you are.

—Andrea Rouda
Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid

3 thoughts on “Vacation Blues

  1. Nancy McKeon says:

    I’m sitting in Miami right now. Last night the trees were practically horizontal. But that was before the downpour. Happily, I’m not here for the weather, just in transit.

  2. Nancy says:

    I remember years of going to Florida at Christmas to visit my grandparents, while school was out. It was invariably 40 degrees there. Some “vacation.”

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      I have a similar memory. The weather almost always disappointed.

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